CML International

The CML brand started October 1973 as “Costruzioni Meccaniche Liri “ developing and patenting portable bending machines, Jolly and Junior push bending models. Today CML International Spa is the exclusive manufacturer of the complete ERCOLINA® brand. The head office and factory is located in Piedimonte San Germano (Italy), between Rome and Naples, with a covered surface of 16’000 square meters and more than 100 employees. All ERCOLINA® machines are designed, developed and produced exclusively in Italy.With over 40 years of experience, qualified human resources, modern facilities, continuing investment in research and development, high quality of raw materials, CML International Spa offers a complete and modern line of cold deformation machines for tube and profiles: mandrel and non-mandrel machines, ring rollers, horizontal presses, flanging machines and notchers (manual, NC and CNC up to 13 axes).

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